Friday, 20 November 2009

UCA Tutors

Hello dear bloggers, in today's post I'd like to talk about my tutors. To begin with I personally have one single tutor labeled as THE BEST and THE IRREPLACEABLE who is my college tutor and he has been my tutor for about 3 years and he has been there for me whenever I stumbled like a toddler to help me get up and running again. If I didn't have a teacher like him, I probably would have ended my education overall and began a life that I would have regretted throughout my whole life. He is my inspiration, and an extremely fun person to be around with. Everyday every lunch time we would as a class all go to the nice chicken store near to us and have our meal like there is no tomorrow. Every lunch time is full of jokes and laughter, and of course in the classroom as well but obviously there will be time for lessons. As a media course, there has to be fun and energy flowing in the classroom in order to keep everybody at vibe mode and that can only happen with the help of a sophisticated tutor.

However having started my University life I have already started to like the tutors and everyone in the campus. Everyone is polite and friendly, but what I am most interested and happy about is the service the Uni provides. Above all the tutors are the most helpful people on earth, these tutors are there for you whenever you need help. I don't mean you can come to lessons and start bombarding the tutors with questions each day but you can do so online in your own Personal Blog and these tutors are so helpful and engaging they are willing to answer all your questions at anytime of the day at anyday. Whether it be at 9pm, 10pm or latest by 1am. They are there to answer your questions and give a helping hand to your every curiosity and confusion. I have heard teachers being helpful but that's just being a helping person only when you attend the classroom but UCA method is just taking everything to the next level. I feel more confident to have an open conversation with my tutors without having to worry, whether if whatever I said may sound so stupid. These tutors are extraordinary and they will do whatever it takes to make us an amazing students.

I am glad to be part of the group and a student at UCA

Peace ^_^