Friday, 20 November 2009

UCA Tutors

Hello dear bloggers, in today's post I'd like to talk about my tutors. To begin with I personally have one single tutor labeled as THE BEST and THE IRREPLACEABLE who is my college tutor and he has been my tutor for about 3 years and he has been there for me whenever I stumbled like a toddler to help me get up and running again. If I didn't have a teacher like him, I probably would have ended my education overall and began a life that I would have regretted throughout my whole life. He is my inspiration, and an extremely fun person to be around with. Everyday every lunch time we would as a class all go to the nice chicken store near to us and have our meal like there is no tomorrow. Every lunch time is full of jokes and laughter, and of course in the classroom as well but obviously there will be time for lessons. As a media course, there has to be fun and energy flowing in the classroom in order to keep everybody at vibe mode and that can only happen with the help of a sophisticated tutor.

However having started my University life I have already started to like the tutors and everyone in the campus. Everyone is polite and friendly, but what I am most interested and happy about is the service the Uni provides. Above all the tutors are the most helpful people on earth, these tutors are there for you whenever you need help. I don't mean you can come to lessons and start bombarding the tutors with questions each day but you can do so online in your own Personal Blog and these tutors are so helpful and engaging they are willing to answer all your questions at anytime of the day at anyday. Whether it be at 9pm, 10pm or latest by 1am. They are there to answer your questions and give a helping hand to your every curiosity and confusion. I have heard teachers being helpful but that's just being a helping person only when you attend the classroom but UCA method is just taking everything to the next level. I feel more confident to have an open conversation with my tutors without having to worry, whether if whatever I said may sound so stupid. These tutors are extraordinary and they will do whatever it takes to make us an amazing students.

I am glad to be part of the group and a student at UCA

Peace ^_^

Thursday, 19 November 2009

New Theme - New Layout

Howdy dear bloggers, as you can see I have changed my layout theme. Isn't it cool?... :-) . It took only couple of minutes to find this beautiful Naruto theme. Anyways, I will post more soon and often. ^_^

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Just got home and came from a Japanese rock concert in Camden Town- The Abingdon Boys School, the show was spectacular and quite an awesome band to listen to. We had to wait outside almost two hours in the rain in order to get inside only to be greeted with more waiting. However, it was worth every drop of rain and ounce of pain that I had to endure. Without further ado, I bring you Abingdon Boys School

Wacom Bamboo Pen

Yesssss....Finally received my Bamboo Pen Tablet after a long wait. Now I can finally start drawing out my project Concepts. I was meant to receive it yesterday but I missed the delivery. Anyway, below is the image of the product. :-)

A London City Girl

I wanted to take my time to introduce to you all one of my favorite blogger, who happens to be my close friend. She is a Graduated Journalist, and I really like her creative writing skills. Ever since I found out about her blog, I have been following her blog ever since then and I felt inspired to write creatively. Her blog is sort of like a diary and it includes a lot of romance, fashion and what not, I still like her posts. So I want to share her blog with you all. Mostly aimed for girls but there will be some guys who would find it interesting as well.

Enjoy her blog

Peace ^_^

Prince of Persia (Sands of Time)

I am amazed that they have already done the movie for the trilogy. I just can't wait for the release. Prince of Persia has been my top favorite game for quite a long time and I still do like the game, but I don't own any consoles so I never finished the game :-( ... The only video game that I ever fully completed was Call of Duty 4, oh yeshh...I totally love that game, proper realistic, everything about the game is just beautiful and very manly, which in a way makes you think that you are cool ^_^' ... anyway, check out the video trailer for the Prince of Persia ^_^

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


The name is Baja currently studying BA Hons CG Arts and Animation at Rochester Campus of University for the Creative Arts. I am an ordinary Mongolian dude, who has a passion for Photography, Animation, Movies, Drawing, Cycling, and Mangas'.

I am on Facebook, DeviantArt and on Youtube.

Facebook - Baja Oyuntuya
DeviantArt - Deathstriker903
Youtube - Baja903

At the moment I am having an ok time with the beginning of this year, surely it is not because of the Essays and Projects but more of my personal life. For the last two weeks, I have had quite a bad time on a relation with my girlfriend, and that affected my pace for my studies. However I am not going to let my emotions take over my real passion and desire. She just wasn't the right girl, life continues.

I am dedicating this blog just for daily use for all my randomness. I am not the type of guy who is used to sharing stories or talking about my personal stuff but I feel I need to do so, otherwise, there is too much for me compress and I cannot take the heat anymore. I am going to use this blog this as much as I can to my best ability.

Having started my first year I am extremely happy with the course that I have chosen and I am also happy that I have an EXCELLENT tutors who are Phil and Alan, their knowledge and expertise is just immense and huge, they have so much to teach and I hope to gain all the possible knowledge to become a better person and follow their leads. Learn and Share.

As I am really proud of my Uni I have decided to capture couple of shots from the outside and the inside of my Uni just to show how creative and how dedicated the University is towards their committed students.

As part of the course we are demanded to post our daily research and updates from our essay onto a blog where Phil and Alan can have a look at each student's progress and they can give feedback instantly to individual students. How Cool is that? is awesome. So here is the location of that blog of mine:

Well until I get some pictures from my Uni, please do have a great day.